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Our Story

A beautiful union of cosmopolitan fashion and function

Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention, and that phrase embodies my journey designing and manufacturing the Devyn Bag. After my daughter's birth, I returned to work intent on continuing breastfeeding but unable to find a stylish and multi-use bag that met my needs. This glaring gap in the market was my inspiration to design the Devyn Bag: a truly functional bag with effortless style designed for active women like me.

We started with extensive market research, consumer collaboration, and a list of demands: We wanted uncompromising quality which meant that the bags needed to be constructed of high-quality, long-lasting material. We insisted upon manufacturing our bags in the U.S.A. to take advantage of America's exceptional craftsmanship and to foster local job creation.

The design needed to offer stylish, feminine elegance as well as longevity. We sourced materials that are free of BPA, vinyl, PVC's and other carcinogens. Instead, we use toxic free insulation and the same beautiful fabric as the rest of the bag to provide added functionality - for those days when food isn't needed but extra storage space is needed. Finally, we wanted the bags to be distinctly versatile. 

The end result – The Devyn Bag was born with a multitude of uses: an outdoor, active lifestyle, travel, work, diaper, breastfeeding and mom bag all in one. It was designed to embody the modern style and adventurous spirit inside every woman. We hope you enjoy them!

Colorado Made

Every Devyn Bag is made in Denver, CO. The essence of Denver, Colorado is reflected in our products: beautifully functional, effortless style, durability and resilience for the active woman in us all. Welcome to Colorado, welcome to the Devyn Bag LLC.