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The Devyn Bag is a travel, work, family carry-all, breastfeeding and designer diaper bag all in one!

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Featured in the August issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine!

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Kellehampton.com Review and Sponsorship

New sponsor The Devyn Bag joins us this month, a fantastic carry-all option for multi tasking moms. Featured in Pregnancy Magazine and used by many moms on the go, The Devyn Bag is a three-in-one travel solution:purse, laptop holder and hot/cold insulator. Surprisingly sleek and easy to carry, this bag features multiple pockets, a padded compartment for a laptop and a hidden storage area with ice packs included to keep things cold for up to 12 hours. It's a fantastic solution for nursing moms on the go (no more storing your breastmilk next to Coworker Bill's sandwich in the company fridge), working moms who pack a lunch, or stay-at-home moms who don't want to lug around five different bags. Plus, it's cute. Read the full review


I can't imagine how hard it is to go back to work when your baby is small, let alone when you're breastfeeding, so I was really impressed with the idea of the Devyn Bag. It's a carry all that acts as a purse, laptop holder, diaper bag and hot/cold insulator and, even though it doesn't do the dishes or protect you in a zombie apocalypse, I think it's pretty smart. Read the full review

Formulamom.com Review

The Devyn Bag is fashionable and functional making it a great diaper bag for busy moms with kids of any age! Read the full review

Thebewitchinkitchen.com Review

I had a brief introduction to The Devyn Bag a couple of months ago in a short post and now I'm going to introduce you guys further to the only bag you will ever need for your little one. It's amazing. The Devyn Bag is a designer diaper bag that will meet every need you have. Read the full review

Smileadaygiveaways.com Review

For a diaper bag that is geared toward the working, traveling, and always on the go mom I recommend The Devyn Bag! The Devyn Bag has the working mom in mind, but its also great for the everyday stay at home mom as well. I love that I can stash my laptop in the diaper bag when I need to take it along with me and not have additional bags to carry and keep track of. Its modern, fun, functional and one other moms are going to see and also love! Great to give as a gift or spoil yourself with. Read the full review

Makobiscribe.com Review

Have you heard of the Devyn Bag? I had not heard of until this review and I'm SO excited about this bag and having the privilege to able to inform Makobi Scribe readers of the Devyn Bag. The Devyn Bag is the perfect 3 in 1 bag for new moms, moms on the go, or even when you little one's don't need all the extra stuff. It is fashionable and functionable; it doesn't get much better than that. I can't express enough how cool this bag is!! Read the full review

Familyicious.com Review

The Devyn Bag has it all... and then some. The hot/cold insulated compartment is such an added bonus whether you are transporting milk, snacks, or lunch it is a great feature. The laptop iPad storage area makes this bag great for work, school and more this is definitely a bag that will grow with your family and lifestyle. Read the full review

The Rave Reviews Keep Coming! MommyandMeGiveaways.com Review

The Devyn bag combines all a ladie's needs into one chic bag. If you are a working woman, the Devyn bag is sufficiently padded and large enough to tote your lap top, file folders and even have room for your lunch in there too! For mamas like me, it held food, drinks, diapers, wipes, toys, changes of clothing, cell phones and a camera. For nursing mamas….it has an insulated compartment to keep your breast milk cold until you get home. We used the insulated compartment to carry milk in so the Professor could have cold milk when he was thirsty…saving us money as we were out and about all day long. The Devyn Bag is just perfect! It is cool enough to not scream "diaper bag" and definitely cool enough to be a tote, work bag or even for a teenager to use it for school. You are sure to easily find a hundred uses for this well made bag. Read the full review

Katenkaboodle.com Review

So what's so cool about The Devyn Bag, you ask? Well it is not just any ordinary bag but a stylish and sophisticated yet functional multipurpose bag for the equally stylish and sophisticated multitasking mom. The Devyn Bag is a one stop, purse, diaper, and hot/cold storage solution for the busy mom.

The Devyn Bag has all the details covered as well. It's very lightweight and comes with an adjustable over the shoulder strap. I can store my keys in the outside pocket for easy access and its has a surface washable fabric. Unlike my "will-remain-nameless" diaper bag that is currently in the laundry room waiting to go to the dry cleaners after a puppy mishap. The designer details and handmade embellishments make it fun to carry! Real the full review

Fabulous Review from Mommy Ramblings

I was thrilled when I received a Devyn Bag to review. First off let me tell you this is much more than a diaper bag and will be around long after the little ones are out of diapers. This is a multi-functional bag and there are so many features I love, I do not know where to begin.

First, I love the size, I am one of those people who loves a big bag and this bag really is up to the task. I can fit my laptop in the middle compartment and still have room for diapers,wipes, bottles, sippy cups and more. The outer side pocket is perfect for my cell phone and I love the super comfy adjustable shoulder strap. Read the full review

The Klauer Review

The Devyn Bag is named the Active Mother's Travel system and hands down this bag is completely rocking it's name. Why do I say this because this Bag will take you through many stages of motherhood. I was afraid this would be a bulky bag but honestly it has a very slim silhouette and you can stuff it silly.

First off it makes a great Nursing Bag, because of it's spacious interior and 3 individualized sections. There is a zippered insulated pocket that can be used either for Hot or Cold and comes with Dry Icepack. With 6 mesh pockets it will hold your breast milk upright (woo hoo -- less chance of spillage of our liquid gold) and the Icepack will keep them cold up to 12 hours. What this means is you can pump away at work and not have to store your precious milk in the company lunch cooler giving you more discretion. Read the full review

Recommended by Pregnancy Magazine/Pregnancy360.com as a Great Travel Bag

This is a great bag for travel, but a bit too big for daily use for someone small like me. I used the Devyn Bag for my baby's first trip out of the city for a conference. I was a bit nervous about how well the storage pocket would keep our "liquid gold," frozen expressed milk. But to my surprise and relief, the milk and the icepack were still frozen hard when I opened the bag at the hotel after a four hour trip. Read the full review

OneSmileyMonkey.com Review

As a mommy blogger I try to carry my laptop with me when I go out but it really is difficult to do when I have multiple bags to carry and of course when I am going out with my son. I usually have a purse and a diaper bag and adding my laptop bag it just gets too complicated to deal with. So when I connected with Devyn Bag and received one of their bags for review I was thrilled! I finally found an all in one bag that allows me to safely carry my laptop with me when out with my son! Read the full review

Devyn Bag's TV Debut!

Watch the Devyn Bag reviewed on Denver Channel 2's "Everyday" Show.

User Reviews

"Overall review/recommendation from this real mom:the Devyn Bag is great for stay-at-home moms too. It is perfect for the next stage of motherhood beyond nursing. It is ideal for any mom on the go with her children."
--Littleton, Colorado; Read the full review

"I had high hopes for the Devyn Bag - and it has exceeded every one of them! As a stay-at-home mom of a two-year-old, I am constantly on the go and never without the Devyn. First of all, it holds SO much without weighing me down or feeling bulky."
--Evergreen, Colorado; Read the full review

"I love my Devyn Bag! It is so roomy and light!"
--Windsor, Colorado